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Thank you to our 2020 Safe Schools Conference exhibitors!

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Coffee With Our Sponsors and Exhibitors

Tuesday, Dec. 8 and Wednesday, Dec. 9 at 8:30 a.m.
Meet sponsors and exhibitors virtually face-to-face. Each sponsor and exhibitor will be sharing information about their products and services.

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Sponsor and Exhibitor Showcase

Tuesday, Dec. 8 at 2:45 p.m. and Wednesday, Dec. 9 at 12:45 p.m.
Meet with sponsors and exhibitors of your choice, virtually face-to-face. Each exhibitor will have their own virtual room and will be able to answer questions and explain more about their products and services.

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Busing on the Lookout — BOTL — exists to educate and equip all members of the bus industry with the information they need to fight human trafficking as part of their everyday jobs. Thousands of school-age children in the United States and Canada are vulnerable to being trafficked. Some victims will continue attending school during the day — and riding the school bus — even while they are being trafficked or groomed behind the scenes.

School transportation professionals are uniquely positioned to provide an extra set of eyes and ears for law enforcement in recovering victims and arresting traffickers. They can also play a critical preventative role by noticing signs that a child may be at risk of being trafficked or is being groomed for the sex trade prior to the child falling victim to commercial sexual exploitation. BOTL is a program of Truckers Against Trafficking.

Lexi Higgins, BOTL Program Specialist

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | www.busingonthelookout.org

This training is important, because our drivers are the first people to see the students in the morning and the last to see them in the afternoon. Unlike many of the school staff, bus drivers know the living conditions of so many students. They know when something doesn’t look right, and they know who belongs at the bus stops. These drivers may see something and may just save a life in a way they never thought of.

Elisa Hanley, Kentucky Department of Education



Cardinal Point Security Group – the Leader In Protection. We provide protective services, security training, and technological solutions to combat the ever-increasing dangers that darken our world.

Run by highly-ranked ex-military, former high level police officers, and accredited professors and educators – we are uniquely positioned to serve all of your security needs. From this frame of reference, we will design and implement safer environments for your school, residential community, house of worship, corporate or retail center.




For nearly two decades, Center for Safe Schools has been committed to developing creative and effective solutions to problems that disrupt the educational process and affect school safety. The Center provides training and technical assistance to help schools identify and implement effective programs and practices and maintain safe, productive learning environments; and it serves as a statewide clearinghouse for educators, parents, law enforcement and others on school safety and youth violence prevention.

717-763-1661 | safeschools@csc.csiu.org | www.safeschool.info



For over 40 years, Edu-Care Services, Inc. has partnered with public and private schools, preschools, early childhood centers, administrators, teachers and parents to provide quality educational materials and resources that enhance the learning experience and academic growth of children. ECS is locally owned and based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, but provides service to educators across the country through our customer service department and online catalog.

In 2010, ECS recognized the need for an affordable preparedness kit specifically designed for classrooms. In many cases a teacher is the immediate person responsible for student safety and is typically the first person to assist students in major or minor incidents. Providing teachers with critical emergency supplies that are readily accessible is a vital part of school preparedness. With the goal to specifically support teachers in emergency situations and anytime classes are on the go we created our Classroom Go-Kit.

Since then we have added a Trauma Pack option and in 2020 have enhanced the contents in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Go-Kits by Edu-Care are used in schools across the country; effectively raising their levels of preparedness and event mitigation.

800-820-3003 | bbower@edu-care.com | www.schoolgokits.com



Gratz College is internationally recognized as a leader in developing effective educators, professionals, leaders and scholars. Gratz serves a continuum of learners with an array of online graduate, undergraduate, certificate and continuing education for professionals. Our students hail from across the nation and the world, representing a diverse range of backgrounds, affiliations, and professional experiences.

Gratz offers degree and certificate programs specifically for the education professional. We offer a Doctorate of Education in Leadership, Master of Education as well as Masters Plus certificates. Gratz College has worked with educators for 125 years and we have been teaching online for 20 years. That means we understand how to create meaningful graduate experiences that also work in the world of a busy professional. We have six different start dates for maximum flexibility and our 8-week online courses run year-round. Contact us to learn more!

215-635-7300 | admissions@gratz.edu | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedInwww.gratz.edu



If we want children to understand our point of view, we must first show them that we understand theirs. It is how children think that guides behavior, not simply what children think.

Dr. Myrna B. Shure, Program Developer, ICPS

Social emotional learning is the way in which an individual experiences, expresses and manages emotions. The I Can Problem Solve and parent program, Raising a Thinking Child, developed by Dr. Myrna Shure, teaches children ages 4-12, how to think, not what to think so they are more able to make responsible decisions.

ICPS Trainers

ICPS Programs’ professional development defines and identifies competencies related to healthy social emotional learning development. Workshop participants examine how ICPS or RATC can enhance teaching and parenting skills and advance youth social emotional development. Adult learners practice ICPS concepts and strategies for dialoguing with youth in preparation for program implementation.

Goals for the ICPS and RaTC program implementation with youth include increased SEL competency, such as empathy (perspective-taking), emotion recognition and expression, self-regulation, conflict resolution, cognitive flexibility, and other skills necessary for successful problem solving.

Stephanie Colvin-Roy, ICPS Lead International Trainer
717-763-1661, ext. 209 | sroy@csc.csiu.org | Twitter | Instagram | www.icanproblemsolve.info

We can’t assume a child who is doing well will continue to reach their full potential. It is imperative to implement evidenced-based SEL and prevention in early childhood instead of waiting to address problems. The ICPS program teaches cognitive regulation, emotion processing, and conflict resolution skills beginning with preschoolers

Raul Perry, Director of Programs, Fundación San Carlos de Maipo, Santiago, Chile

Initial results for the ICPS program are impressive, with students seeing a significant increase in pro-social and problem solving skills by nearly 20% in just one year.

Tenley Koehler, Family Living Educator, Door County, Wisc.



Public Consulting Group offers behavioral threat assessment technology solutions that help schools identify, assess and intervene to mitigate threats, sexual misconduct and fire misuse.

We share your commitment to the people you serve. Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, PCG helps primarily public sector health, education, and human services organizations make measurable improvements to their performance and processes.

At PCG, we’re passionate about getting results for our clients. Because we know that in the public sector, good results mean healthy, empowered, and successful individuals, families, and communities.




QuaverSEL helps create a school-wide culture of caring with easy-to-use digital resources. QuaverSEL resources support educators with a year of ready-to-use lessons for grades PreK-5, plus standalone intervention activities. Resources are aligned with CASEL competencies and can be further customized by educators to best meet the needs of their students.




A safe school is the result of an educational communities’ ability to provide the appropriate behavioral and social-emotional support to its students as well as a secure environment to learn. For more than two decades ScholarChip’s school safety platform has empowered schools to manage both the social-emotional wellbeing as well as the physical security of schools to promote a safe, engaging school climate and success for all students.

ScholarChip was founded on a mission to help make schools safer, more engaging, and more supportive of student success.

Our approach to school safety is from “the inside out” meaning we begin with students’ mental and emotional well-being as foundational for creating safe school environments.


ScholarChip can help schools solve the following mission-critical challenges.

Making In-Person Learning Safe

  • Secure door access
  • Automated attendance
  • Behavior intervention
  • Visitor management
  • Identification
  • Health screening

Gaining Actionable Safety Insight

  • Visitor management
  • Secure door access
  • Automated attendance

Reducing Chronic Truancy and Absenteeism

  • Automated attendance
  • Behavior intervention
  • Identification

Improving Emergency Preparedness

  • Automated attendance
  • Secure door access
  • Visitor management

Supporting At-Risk Students

  • Behavior intervention



Launched in 2010, the Mutt-i-grees® Curriculum uses the natural affinity between kids and pets to teach social-emotional learning (SEL) skills that are critical to academic success and a successful life. Where would be in our lives without empathy, self-confidence, teamwork, and ethical decision-making. What makes our program unique is its experiential component. Via humane education we connect students to the plight of shelter animals and the importance of rescue. The students take this journey and learn how shelter animals make the best companions, and that all of us — including kids — have the power to make a positive difference in our communities and in the lives of homeless animals.

The Curriculum was developed by Yale University’s School of the 21st Century in partnership with North Shore Animal League America. Today, our versatile Curriculum, is used in schools, afterschool programs, special education settings, and other venues. Additional versions: “Mutt-i-grees in the Library,” “Cats Are Mutt-i-grees 2,” “The Shelter Guide,” and “Paws Down Tails Up,” a physical fitness application and Mutt-i-grees At Home for parents and caretakers.

Research has shown that, by bridging the fields of humane education and social and emotional learning, this Curriculum has the potential to enhance student achievement at all grade levels. Equally important, it inspires kids to become caring, responsible citizens who see the link between a civil society and the humane treatment of animals.

info@muttigrees.org | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | www.muttigrees.org



xSEL Labs supports teacher success and students’ social-emotional development with quick, reliable, and easy-to-use SEL assessments.

We find that student engagement with SELweb is higher than with self-report surveys. It’s great that even our youngest, non-reading, students can use it.

Kim Petrasek, Superintendent, Mannheim District 83

SELweb provides data in key areas of social emotional skill development. This information has been essential as we discuss student progress and consider interventions.

Dr. Catherine Wang, Superintendent, Glencoe District 38